Tailor Made

If none of our rides or dates suit to your schedule? Give us your date of travel, your idea of ride, your choice of country, our expert will design a dream ride for you.

If you have your own idea of a perfect motorcycle tour and you wish to discover a specific region of India, Nepal or Bhutan, the Motorcycle Expeditions team is available for the customizing of any itinerary you may wish to realize!  Tailor Made Motorbike Tours* may be preferable and may better suit your expectations of a motorcycling holiday.

Should you be a solo rider, or perhaps prefer to travel in a group of your own?  Maybe our pre-organized tours do not meet your scheduling or other requirements?  Whatever the reasons are, the Motorcycle Expeditions team, all being bikers who share the same passion for wilderness and adventure, promote the creation of tailor made adventures that reflect your preferences best.  Ride on your own terms… ride to your taste!

With our Tailor Made Motorbike Tours option, you can now benefit from the expertise, assistance and organisation of the Indian leaders in “real motorcycling adventures”, to realize your own Motorcycle Expeditions!

Your query, according to the destination and the region of your choice, will be treated with promptness and great care by one of our agents, expert motor bikers of the terrain and well experienced traveling advisers.  The team will arrange, organize and provide all information about your trip according to your budget, schedule and preference.

We will contact you within 24 hours from receiving your request, to confirm the validity.  Please do not hesitate to contact us even though your project is still vague.  It is our mission to give you the best advice and service for an unforgettable experience with Motorcycle Expeditions!

*The Tailor-Made option comes automatically with a guide who cannot be excluded.  If you wish to travel without the assistance of a guide, you may choose from our Self-rides option.

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