Buddhi Singh Chand (Founder)
Vastly travelled and an adventurous off-road rider, Buddhi is an expert on the terrain and ambassador of his culture.  Motorcycling has always been his intense passion.  Fuelled by covering in excess of 20000km of magnificent landscape in India, Nepal and Bhutan on his trusty 350cc Bullet, he joined several Motorcycle Clubs and Events around India and Europe as member, guide and / or rider.  After years in the saddle, working mostly as a Royal Enfield Motorcycle Guide for International Tourism on Raids in India, Nepal and Bhutan, his knowledge of the area and his network of contacts expanded and he understood the potential of Motorcycling in India.  Inspired by his experience and the beauty of the Himalayan and Southern Indian landscapes, he set up his own Motorcycle Expeditions in 2005.

As Founder and Advisor of Motorcycle Expeditions, Buddhi is a multilingual local guide.  After Hindi his mother-tongue, Nepali, English, French and Basic Spanish are his principal foreign spoken languages

Moti Kodafa (Advisor / Road Captain)
Moti has been riding and mapping the roads less travelled solo, to create more possibilities for motorcycle enthusiasts to explore the hidden beauties of the Indian sub-continent including the High Himalayas. His knowledge of the terrain is impeccable. Whether it’s Nepal, Ladakh, Rajasthan or Southern India (Kerala), he is a connoisseur of the culture and can regale you with his travel stories. For him there is no end in sight for his adventure, it is just part of his daily diet.

Previously, he ran a motorcycle garage in Kasol (Parvati valley), and now he is sharing his passion and experience with Motorcycle Expeditions. Riding for him has not only been a passion, but a way of life and he chooses a motorcycle over a car to commute to work.

Khem Thakur (Road Captain)
Khem is passionate about and has spent his life taking motorcycle trips, trekking and skiing through the High Himalayas while practising photography. He is a Himalayan local and seasoned traveller and explorer and has built up a vast knowledge of the culture and area. After completing his Masters in Marketing, he joined Motorcycle Expeditions and has been leading tours all over the Indian subcontinent, including Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Happy Thakur (Road Captain)
Happy is an experienced Road Captain and leads our expeditions from the High Himalayas to Southern India and Rajasthan. His ultimate dream is a bottomless gasoline tank. Happy is a Himalayan local with a deep zest for travelling. After receiving his Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) degree, he joined Motorcycle Expeditions and has been on the road with riders from all around the world ever since. He is sure to take you on the greatest adventure!
Sunil (Reservations)
Sunil ensures that your trip runs like a well-orchestrated symphony. With laser precision he plans the entire infrastructure from bookings to bikes so that you, our Riders need only concern yourselves with enjoyment. He serves as online backup during the trips, in case there are on-the-fly requests, again to guarantee you a “Ride beyond your Dreams”.
Nakul Sharma (Road Captain/ Photographer)
He grew up infected by the travel bug and spends most of his time traveling and photographing around the world, from the High Himalayas to the rest of Asia and Europe. Nakul has been working as a tour leader from 2010 in different regions of India with multiple Travel Agencies. He loves to share and talk about Indian culture and traditions, guiding big groups very finely and actively in the different regions of India and is always ready to take initiative during trips, allowing the tourists to experience cultures and places through his knowledge. Since his school days, he has had a deep passion for Motorcycling and has now joined the Motorcycle Expeditions team and regularly runs our tours in Ladakh, Rajasthan and occasionally in Goa and Southern India.  Expert on the terrain and multilingual guide, Nakul speaks French (having been a freelance French interpreter in Delhi, for 3 years), English and Hindi.

Rahul Bodh (Road Captain / Photographer / Movie Maker)
After years of traversing the Indian sub-continent on his mighty 350cc machismo, this Khampa Nomad reached Mumbai(Bombay) and was employed in Bollywood for five years as assistant cameraman & graphic designer. Finally he decided to return home to the Himalayas and joined our team, as the photographer / Road Captain for Motorcycle Expeditions. He is now responsible for the photography on our motorcycling tours in South India, Rajasthan and the Himalayas.
Rahul speaks fluent English, Tibetan, and Hindi and he loves to travel and meet new people.  Ultimately, Rahul will present you with a DVD filled with photos and videos of your experiences on tour, so beware of your mischievous shenanigans for he may be right behind you with his camera, ready to capture the moment.
Irma (Marketing & Communications)
All her life Irma dreamt of riding into the sunset on her motorcycle. Alas, life and a career in IT happened, but when the time came to be responsible and purchase a house, she bought a motorbike instead and has never looked back. By now, she has travelled through almost all of the Southern African countries and a vast amount of India on the back of a motorcycle. Happily she joined Motorcycle Expeditions to continue with her love and passion for motorcycle travel in the [Himalayan] mountains she loves so much! Irma also speaks fluent English, Dutch and some German.
Sajo (Director of Motorcycle Expeditions Germany)
At the age of 16, Sajo learnt to ride a motorcycle and set out to explore near and far around his birthplace in Northern India – on two wheels of course. His Yamaha RX100 was his freedom and independence. When he came to study in Germany, he simply brought his passion for motorcycling along. As a long time friend of Buddhi, it was only a matter of time before he joined on a big motorcycle tour of India and the fascination did not let go of him again. In addition to his job as an IT expert in Frankfurt, he supports Motorcycle Expeditions as Marketing Manager for Germany where he has been living with his family for many years and thus understands the requirements and ideas of Germans exactly. In addition to his native Hindi and some Indian dialects, Sajo also speaks perfect German and English.
Jay (Manager of Mongolian Office / Road Captain)
Jay was born and brought up in Mongolia. As a local, no-one can show you Mongolia the way Jay can and his knowledge of his mother land is as vast as the endless Steppes of Mongolia. He is a passionate photographer and an avid off-road rider. He is responsible for Motorcycle Expeditions in Mongolia and ensures that everybody has a fantastic time on rides with us. His spoken languages are his native Mongolian, English, German and Russian.
Marco (Director of Motorcycle Expeditions Italy)
Marco is our Marketing Manager in Italy and he ensures that all your queries are answered immediately. He is also a passionate biker and never misses an opportunity to be in the saddle and he also leads expeditions. If you’re in Europe, please feel free to get in touch with him by email.
Jassa Bir (Senior Mechanic and Garage Manager in Delhi)
Jassa Bir, whom we often tease with his nickname “Just-a-Beer”, is the Maestro mechanic of our Expeditions. Originally from Punjab and father of four children, Jassa is more than just a senior mechanic, he is both an experienced and passionate rider and one of Motorcycle Expeditions’ Team highlights. Based in Delhi for the last decade, he is in charge of our Delhi workshop, for the constant maintenance of our bikes and assists many of our motorcycle tours on the Sub-continent, including the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan. Jassa Bir, respected Sardarji throughout India, has proven over the years his honesty, potential and dedication, and his experience of the domain is such that it seems as if he knows what bikes need to ‘kill their drag’. But most of all, beyond being a team member of M.E he is also a good friend and an unforgettable travel companion.
Ravi Bhai (Mechanic)
Ravi is a young and dynamic bike enthusiast. He maintains our fleet with great care and follows our expeditions as a backup mechanic, so that he can take over as a reserve rider if anybody gets too tired to ride! Traveling with riders from all over the world and after many years of assistance, Ravi has acquired considerable skills in the art of motorcycle mechanics. He knows how to deal with any roadside breakdown problems and whatever the situation may be, Ravi is always ready to push bikes through freezing cold ice water, uphill on muddy off-road paths and through the desert with the same dedication and smile that will never fail to appeal.
Shajad (Senior Mechanic)
Master of our garage team and senior mechanic, he takes the art of mechanics on the bikes very seriously. The garage is a niche where he is able to experiment and improve on the bikes to keep our fleets roaring while riding high Himalayan tough terrain.
Nupender (Garage Manager in Manali)
Our Garage Manager and Royal Enfield enthusiast, he ensures that all the bikes our fleets are properly repaired and prepared for our rides. Nupender is hard-working and a passionate rider who loves the bikes and takes care of all the tools and bikes at the garage. His management skill is excellent and delivery is always on time.
Salman (Mechanic)
Salman is the dynamic mechanic at our garage. He has been playing with Royal Enfields since childhood. As a Classic 500 whiz, he customizes vintage bikes and often works on customization. If anyone falls in love with Royal Enfield during their ride with us and wants to import one back home as a trophy, Salman is the guy who will work on your bike.