Why Motorcycle Expeditions

Why ride with us
Traveling by motorcycle is our passion and our aim is to give you a great touring experience, supported by years of relevant expertise.  Here is why you should choose us:

Get out on the less explored roads
From our own exploring and research, giving quality of riding top priority, we create unusual and pioneering routes to offer a unique experience through magnificent and diverse scenery interwoven with colourful local culture.  With us, you have time to enjoy the journey, get off the beaten track and ride the roads less travelled.

Super organized
While on board with us, you can leave your worries behind, we’ll look after everything.  From first contact, we’re available and happy to support you with valid and useful advice to prepare for your adventure.

  • Our agents will answer ALL your questions
  • If you’re on a guided tour with us, we take care of you from start to finish (airport to airport)
  • Should you wish to extend your stay in India, we’re happy to assist with organisation

Looking for a lifetime adventure
We give you the freedom and flexibility to create your own adventure, after all that is what adventure motorcycling is all about.  You are free to determine your own riding pace, in your own way and decide where and when and how long to stop.  Our road captain briefs you on ride every morning before starting the day.

Our team is the most passionate and greatest company on the road
We aim to provide you with best Support Team possible, with the right balance of technical qualifications, people skills, and hands on motorcycle travel experience, brought together in a professional, approachable and enthusiastic manner.  They are there to resolve problems, help you with your bike and make sure you get the best from your trip.

Biking is better shared
It’s not just about booking a trip with us.  When you come with Motorcycle Expeditions, you join a community.  Sharing your touring experience means new friends, different perspectives, lots of banter – our love of motorcycling unites all that.  Keep in touch via our social media and recommend us to your friends.
Finally, motorcycling brings together people who have very different lives, it breaks down barriers and it is its own language and can be shared where words fail.  Wherever you go in the developing world, it is a catalyst for interaction with local people that can bring a greater understanding of our planet into your own life and enrich it.  For Motorcycle Expeditions riders, the impact of their journey has literally changed their lives.  Whilst we cannot promise such a “thunder bolt” to everyone who rides with us, we do promise to deliver an unrivalled and exceptional riding experience.

Motorcycle Expeditions & Logistics
Every rider is accompanied by our hugely experienced motorcycle guides.  The staff are well able to take care of all planning and logistics.  We have years of terrain experience leaving you to get on with enjoying the bike and the many wonders South Eastern Asia has to offer.  We believe that in terms of everything from safety provision, through machinery, to accommodation, our local knowledge allows us to provide some of the best Motorcycling experience in Asia.  Our tours are designed to cater for riders of all abilities looking to make something extra special of their traditional two week break.  We know how important the time is to you, so we don’t skimp on organisational detail.  Whatever tour you choose, we’ll take care of all transport and accommodation while you’re here, and then whisk you safely back to the airport for your trip home, simple as that.

Where we are based

  • In Asia (Indian sub-continent) registered under the PVT LTD act, where we run most of our motorcycle touring adventures.
  • In Europe
    • In Germany registered Motorcycle Company under the act of German laws.
    • o In Italy registered Motorcycle Company under the act of Italian laws.

A ride beyond your dreams … Guaranteed!